Hackney CVS networks

Influencing change

What do the networks do?

Hackney CVS supports a range of networks which bring voluntary and community groups and charities alongside decision makers to develop strategies to support residents, particularly those who are vulnerable, disadvantaged or disengaged.

Locally, partnership working arrangements and principles including the recognition of the independence of the voluntary and community sector are enshrined in the Hackney Compact.

Why do we need them?

Our networks not only provide a way of sharing good practice and mutual support for voluntary and community organisations, they also provide a way that local communities can influence the services provided for them.

To ensure these voices are heard and respected, networks of large and small VCS organisations meet the public sector to influence how services are run. This helps to make sure services that are delivered can help all of Hackney’s communities, particularlythose that are marginalised, vulnerable or mistrusting of the state.

Read more about our networks below:

> Children and Young People’s Provider Forum

> City and Hackney Health and Social Care Forum

> Hackney Refugee and Migrant Forum

> The Faith Forum

The voluntary sector is being
increasingly characterised as
a service deliverer – valued as
a contractor for public services at
low cost, applauded as an agent
for alleviating social problems, but
attacked when it raises its voice in
dissent or argues for change.

The Independence Panel, Barings Foundation