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Job vacancy at the Baobab Foundation

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Community Engagement Consultant

Fee: £400 per day
3 days per week; 3 month consultancy
Starting ASAP

We are open to secondments and consultants sharing this assignment.

The Baobab Foundation is a new and fast evolving entity. Established earlier this year, we are creating a new type of foundation. One that will support, grow and strengthen Black and Ethnic minority communities and community organisations who are led by Black and Ethnic Minority people.

The foundation is unique because it will be led by the community organisations and communities it supports. In short, our funding and focus will be shaped by the communities who need our help. But we won’t just do grants – we will do real empowerment by ensuring that we are able to influence in a meaningful way the discourse around race equality and importantly, the quality of lives of millions of Black and ethnic minority people in this country.

We are now at an important stage of our development. With the support and strong partnerships already developed with community organisations across the country and donors from the charitable and corporate world, the decisions we make going forward will be critical.

We want to operate more like a movement than a traditional organisation. Our power, wisdom, energy and drive will come from our members and the communities we support. To achieve that, we need to make sure we’re constantly trying to hear people, not broadcasting what we think but listening deeply.

The Community Engagement consultant will work alongside a number of our members who can make sure we amplify the voices of those who aren’t always heard. We know this will include women and young people but we have more to do to understand which other audiences and you will work with our members to shape that thinking.

The successful consultant will, like the Foundation itself, be driven by strong ethics and will be serious about what we’re trying to achieve. Working closely with the co-chairs, the Steering Group, Project Team and membership body that comprises of community organisations nationwide, the successful candidate will make sure we are communicating effectively through all channels and will help draw in communities to the process to develop our future priorities and strategy.

You will have a good understanding of social media, community and movement building and a track record of using this knowledge to ensure all voices are heard, paying particular attention to groups that are likely to be excluded.

You’ll be a clear, passionate communicator, capable of generating powerful, engaging content and inspiring others to join us whilst also understanding the importance of listening to communities and organisations.

You will have a good awareness of the nature of systemic and structural racism and the implications of this for the work of the Foundation. You will demonstrate to us that you have the ability to ‘hit the ground running’ in order to deliver key deliverables. We’re ambitious and driven by strong ethics, we’re determined to make a difference.

Please email to request an information pack. If you would like an informal discussion about the role, please also contact Joe Ferns on



Hackney CVS can pride itself in having very professional staff dedicated to realising the aims of the organisation. There were many examples of colleagues helping each other and sharing knowledge and skills to support clients and contribute to the plans of the organisation.

Javier Jaso, IIP assessor