Hackney Refugee and Migrant Forum


Supporting Hackney's refugees and migrants

Welcome to the Hackney Refugee and Migrant Forum (HRMF), a forum for various initiatives supporting migrants and refugees within the vibrant communities of City and Hackney. The forum operates within the integrated care system of North East London, fostering collaboration and coordination among key stakeholders.

As part of this integrated approach, the HRMF works strategically with the NHS and Hackney Council. This positioning enables us to effectively oversee and support all third-sector organisations operating within City and Hackney, ensuring a comprehensive and cohesive network of assistance for migrants and refugees.

Through advocacy, partnership building and resource mobilisation, the HRMF strives to address the diverse needs of organisations. Our commitment extends beyond mere assistance to empowerment, fostering inclusivity, resilience and social cohesion within our communities.

Join us in our mission to create a welcoming and supportive environment where every migrant and refugee organisation can thrive and contribute to the rich tapestry of City and Hackney.

Core Activities

At the Hackney Refugee and Migrant Forum (HRMF), we are committed to facilitating positive change and fostering collaboration among organisations working with migrants and refugees in City and Hackney.

Our core activities include:

1. Quarterly forums

We host quarterly gatherings bringing together all City and Hackney organisations dedicated to supporting migrants and refugees. These forums serve as platforms for networking, sharing best practices, and coordinating efforts to enhance our collective impact.

2. Addressing health inequities and human rights

We advocate for the rights of migrants and refugees, engaging with local authorities to address health inequities and promote human rights. Through community-led public policy initiatives, we strive to create inclusive and equitable environments that prioritise the well-being of all residents.

3. Information sharing and signposting

We provide vital information and resources to individuals and organisations, offering signposting services to ensure that migrants and refugees have access to the support they need. Additionally, we offer bespoke training sessions to empower organisations and enhance their capacity to serve their communities effectively.

4. Supporting local organisations

We work closely with local organisations to improve access to education, welfare, and healthcare entitlements for refugees and migrants. By providing guidance and resources, we aim to strengthen the capacity of these organisations to address the unique challenges faced by their service users.

5. Developing cross-sector networks

We actively facilitate the development of networks across sectors, fostering partnerships between government agencies, non-profit organisations, healthcare providers, educational institutions, and other stakeholders. These collaborations enable us to leverage collective expertise and resources to create sustainable solutions to complex issues.


Welcome Hackney – Drop-in for migrants, refugees and people seeking asylum
Join the weekly Welcome Hackney Drop-In for help and support from the council teams and community organisations. Please check the latest details for the drop-in on Hackney Council’s website.

Contacting the forum

For inquiries or assistance regarding data sources, visualisation tools, or any other matter related to the Hackney Refugee and Migrant Forum (HRMF), please email Soraya: soraya@hcvs.org.uk.