Children and Young People’s Provider Forum

Our networks

Representing the diversity of the children and families voluntary sector at public sector level

The forum is made up of over 300 organisations, ranging from small frontline organisations to larger commissioned providers and established national organisations working locally such as Family Action.

Together CYPPF creates a platform to inform, influence and represent the diversity of the Children and families voluntary sector at public sector level. Key areas of work are around health, education, and housing and employment and support for parents.

The sector is organised into networks including: early years, school aged children, communities of interest such as disabled children and cultural networks such as Hackney African Forum.

Over the last year children’s health has taken a higher place on the agenda. The Health and Wellbeing Baord (HWB) has identified childhood obesity as one of the main children’s priorities. The focus on health has attracted new members tot he forum and has provided an opportunity to work closer with the Health and Social Care Forum to address key children’s health issues.

Co Chairs – Kome Owuasu, Ida Scoullos and Cathy Murphy.