VCS Assembly: Reducing school exclusions summit

Reducing school exclusions Summit

On Monday 23 January 2023, we hosted a summit on reducing school exclusions in Hackney, delivered in partnership with Rise Up East and the Hackney REP consortium, supported by Hackney CVS. 

The summit bought together organisations and individuals who work with young people and families in and around education to share challenges, opportunities, projects and network, to strengthen our community-based approach to reducing school exclusions and improving re-inclusion for young people in Hackney.

The summit was hosted in person at the Morningside community centre and was attended by 50 people from 28 organisations who work with young people across Hackney. 

Why did we host this summit?

School exclusions and negative school experiences disproportionately impact our communities in Hackney, particularly those from ethnically and culturally diverse communities. 

The voluntary and community sector in Hackney supports young people, families and schools in a huge variety of ways to improve educational outcomes for young people and make education more inclusive and positive.

Rise Up East and Hackney REP have come together to host this summit to bring together organisations and individuals who work with young people and families and education to share challenges, opportunities, projects and networks, to strengthen our community-based approach to reducing school exclusions and improving re-inclusion for young people in Hackney.

Summit aims:

  • Identifying and discussing challenges the local community face around participating in education
  • Identifying opportunities and actions for collaborative working across sectors and organisations locally to reduce school exclusions
  • Sharing information and raising awareness of local work around reducing school exclusions and supporting young people and families through education
  • Building consensus and momentum to empower and enable community-led solutions to reduce school exclusions, support young people and families and create a positive school experience

Rise Up East

is a local (Hackney Wick, Homerton and Marsh Hill) consortium part of the wider initiative My Ends, being delivered in 8 London boroughs addressing youth violence. My Ends programme is funded by the Violence Reduction Unit (VRU), a department in the London Mayor’s office focused on reducing violence across London. Rise Up East consortium is made up of voluntary sector organisations that provide services in the community aimed mainly at 11 – 25-year-olds and families: The Crib, East London Business Alliance, Hackney CVS, Hackney Wick Football Club, Hackney Quest, Immediate Theatre, The Wickers Charity.

Our mission is to empower the community through strengthened partnerships and decision-making about the changes that are needed in the area of youth violence, through providing interventions and activities.
For more information contact or 07534 916 342

​Hackney REP

A partnership of 12 VCS organisations and local experts, delivering an advocacy programme that streamlines and bolsters existing community relationships and advocacy projects, aiming to reduce school exclusions and maximise positive school experiences in Hackney.​

Hackney REPs provide advocacy to young people, and their care givers, who are at risk of school exclusion or facing challenges around participating in school, particularly those from Black Caribbean and African Heritage.​

Hackney REP brings extensive and unique expertise in working with young people and families, education, schools, Hackney local areas, cultural nuance, advocacy, mental health and holistic person-centred support.

For more information, email May.

Summit outcomes:

  • Partnership building and information sharing between organisations with aligned aims to strengthen community and support.
  • Increased understanding and alignment between Hackney Education and Community.
  • Built momentum for tackling the issue of school exclusions.
  • New Hackney REP partners: Just for Kids Law, BetaMinds.
  • Hackney Education (Helena Burke) is committed to working together to reduce school exclusions.
  • Potential funding for Hackney REP from Just for Kids Law.
  • New relationship with Hackney REP and BEO Head of Research.
  • Partnership development between Alliance for Youth Justice and Hackney Community.
  • Increasing awareness across the community of Hackney Council’s Re-engagement team.

For further information, please email Jessica.