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All our projects are working for a fairer borough; this page provides you with information on why our work is important to Hackney.

Population & Diversity

  • Hackney’s population is estimated at 263,150 people
  • Hackney is a relatively young borough with a quarter of its population under 20. The proportion of residents between 20-29 years has grown in the last ten years and now stands at 21%.
  • People aged over 55 make up only 18% of the population.
  • Hackney is a culturally diverse area, with significant ‘Other White’, Black and Turkish communities.


  • The proportion of adults in work has increased over the last five years and is now close to the London average. However, the unemployment rate is still 7.0%
  • 58% of residents are in good health, however a significant number of people, 13%, experience bad health
  • A tenth of Hackney’s adults experience depression, and 1.2% of residents have severe conditions like schizophrenia. There is a particularly high prevalence of severe mental health conditions in the Black population.
  • The biggest housing tenure of older people is council housing
  • Older people in Hackney are much poorer than older people in England as a whole
  • Hackney has an above average number of disabled people and residents poor health

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