VCS Enabler

The VCS Enabler is an infrastructure for communication, engagement and service innovation that unites City and Hackneys Voluntary and Community Sector organisations and facilitates partnership working at multiple levels

The VCS Enabler workstream, approved by the ICB in Feb 21, aims to establish a new infrastructure to support the City and Hackney system to maximise the knowledge, expertise and reach that the local VCSE has in tackling entrenched health and care inequalities. Central to this approach is the creation of a quarterly assembly where the VCSE and public sector can discuss and agree priorities for partnership activity.

The work is overseen by the VCS Leadership Group (formerly the VCS Transformation Leadership Group) which is a forum of key representatives from across the local voluntary and community sector in City & Hackney.

VCS Enabler components:

  • Networks (Health and Social Care Forum and Special Interest Groups)
  • VCS Assembly
  • VCS Leadership Group
  • Hackney Refugee and Migrant forum
  • Neighbourhoods

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