VCS Assembly

The VCS Assembly is a quarterly meeting bringing City and Hackney’s statutory, voluntary and community sector (VCS) organisations together to discuss how to address and find solutions to the most important and challenging issues our communities face.
The Assembly will bring people together to develop grassroots ideas and solutions that will improve health and well-being in our community.

The Assembly meetings have three key objectives:

  • To provide a forum to discuss challenges and develop solutions, building consensus on an agreed set of actions to deliver the solutions.
  • Translating the solutions into business cases to work with and secure the support of the City & Hackney health and social care system.
  • To explore further opportunities to strengthen and reinforce joint working with public sector colleagues.

By shifting power and funding to the local community, local organisations that have the best outreach to residents can lead the solutions to the problems they face.

The actions we identify and solutions we agree on will form business cases so that we can secure the support, funding and otherwise, of the health and social care system (NHS, council and other key stakeholders).