The VCS Leadership Group is looking for a new co-chair

VCS Leadership Group

The VCS Leadership Group is looking for a new co-chair

The VCS Leadership Group is looking for a new co-chair to be a VCS strategic lead in the health and care system! 

Are you a senior leader within a voluntary or community (VCS) organisation in City or Hackney? The VCS Leadership Group is looking for a new co-chair.

You will be an expert in the needs of the VCS and will serve as a strategic guide for improving collaboration between the health and care system and VCS. You will represent the VCS in key strategic meetings and co-chair the VCS Leadership Group and Health and Social Care Forum meetings.

You will be part of challenging inequalities and making system change to improve life for residents.  Through participating in City and Hackney place-based meetings to give the VCS a voice in the health and care system. This in turn will support the VCS Leadership Group and place-based system to deliver against their respective strategic aims (see below).

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More about City and Hackney place based system

The Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) Leadership Group is an executive group facilitated by Hackney CVS and is playing a key role in partnering with the City and Hackney health and social care system (Integrated Care System) and working with City & Hackney place-based system to achieve its vision, values and strategic objectives.

The VCS Leadership Group’s mission is to ensure the unique expertise of the VCS is integrated, recognised and is strengthened in the Integrated Commissioning and Care System to reduce health inequalities and improve health in our area.

Process for applying
Before applying, please read the role description. Please put forward an expression of interest explaining why you are suitable for the role in up to one side of A4 and send it to by 7 March at 12pm.

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to an interview with a panel during the week of 11 March. You will then provide a 5-minute pitch to the VCS Leadership Group members. The VCS Leadership group will then take a vote in private to confirm the successful appointment, with a decision to be communicated w/c, 11.03.24.

The successful applicant will then be invited to have an induction meeting with the previous co-chair as part of the induction process.

Please contact to express your interest in applying for the VCS Leadership Group co-chair or if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!