VCS Leadership Group seeks housing rep

Do you work in a voluntary or community housing organisation in City or Hackney?  

The VCS Leadership group needs you!  

The VCS Leadership Group is looking for a representative from a housing background to join its network! 

The VCS Leadership Group is looking for a representative

The VCS Leadership Group is looking for a representative from a housing background to join its network. The group plays a key role in representing the VCS within the City and Hackney Integrated Care System (ICS).

Housing representative’s role
The housing representative will participate in the relevant ICS meeting, attending as a representative of the voluntary and community sector (VCS) in Hackney and the City. It is not expected that they will be an expert in all fields.

Housing representative’s responsibilities
The housing representative is responsible for:

  • Attending monthly cross-network executive meetings (leadership group meetings) to look at issues that affect the VCS.
  • Contributing to email briefings to the wider sector on the work of the board, the discussions and the decisions made.
  • Attending and participating in pre-meeting with voluntary and statutory sector partners.

Expenses for representatives
Reps may claim £30 an hour expenses for attending VCS Leadership and health system meetings with a preparation allowance of the meeting length.

Get in touch
Please contact to express your interest in applying for the representative role or if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!