Stop and Search Monitoring Group

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Stop and Search Monitoring Group

The Stop and Search group is an independent advisory of young people that holds the Met to account on stop and search practice in Hackney.

Young people undertake four days training to support their work where they:

  • learn about and analyse police powers surrounding stop and search
  • meet with the Independent Police Complaints Commission
  • complete ‘trading places exercises’ with police officers – an exercise where young people stop and search police officers,
  • gather case studies of young people who have had negative stop and search experiences.

What does the group do?

Produce training materials:

see the group’s DVD ‘Search Me’ below which is used to help train officers in stop and search good practice.

Community engagement

  • getting out and about to tell local young people about the Stop and Search Monitoring Group
  • giving young people information about how to make an official complaint if they feel they have not been dealt with professionally by the police.