A statement in support of Diane Abbott

Standing against racism and misogony

A statement from Hackney CVS in support of Diane Abbott MP following the racist, misogynistic and inciteful comments made by Frank Hester

We were saddened yesterday to hear of the comments made by Frank Hester about our local MP, Diane Abbott. Coming so soon after a well celebrated International Women’s Day (IWD) the previous week, we feel angered by this latest example of the structural racism and misogyny that is so inherent in public life.

Delia Mattis, our HR and Operations Manager and lead for our IWD 2024 event says:

“These comments are racist and misogynist. Having just celebrated International Women’s Day last week and commending Diane Abbott for her achievement of being the first Black female Member of Parliament, it is beyond shocking to read that a person in a position of power and with access to the current government, has expressed these abhorrent views.

Women are still subjected to this chauvinistic behaviour in the workplace and in addition to this, Black and Brown women are subjected to racism as well. The idea that this successful Black woman would make this man feel hatred for all Black women clearly demonstrates how deeply rooted his racism is and whilst the government is not known for being a beacon of anti-racism it should pay more attention to the kind of company it keeps and receives funding from.”

Tony Wong, our CEO, adds:

“It’s saddening, yet unfortunately not shocking, to read the comments made by Frank Hester. Hackney CVS stands for fairness and social justice, and we firmly oppose discrimination in all forms. As the first Black woman elected to parliament in 1987, Diane Abbott has dedicated herself tirelessly to public life, all whilst being the target of unrelenting racism and sexism.

These comments serve as a stark reminder of just how far we have yet to go in rooting out racism and misogyny within the very institution, the great British public elects to govern our country. Hackney CVS join others in the call for Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to return the £10m donation and confirm at this watershed moment his, and the Government’s position on the right side of history. Anything less can only be considered an affront to all Black women, and everyone that stands with Black women.”

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