Crime on London’s streets stems from hopelessness

“I think there’s a big disconnect with the youth and the community, the older members of the community,” Mr Okusaga said. “That can start from the schools, with the police, even within the home.”

“Does history tell us that enforcement improves the problem?” Mr Ferguson asked. “Not really.”


Hackney CVS youth leaders, Dami Okusaga, Kenny Ladipo and Emmanuel Akin, and our CEO, Jake Ferguson, are interviewed in today’s Financial Times following the recent increase of murders of young people across London.

Jake explains how Hackney CVS’ approach of treating young people’s social problems could work even with gang members, who are seen as especially difficult to reach.

Kenny comments “I just feel that young people are misguided,” continuing, “At the same time, the rest of society isn’t helping.”

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Spate of violent crime on London’s streets alarms policymakers

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How do we stop the killings?

Elijah Mochia, a Youth Leader at Hackney CVS, was interviewed last night on Channel 4 news. Watch the video.

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"It's a constant at the back of the head - it's just like they are fearful for their lives".

Elijah Mochia