Poverty in Hackney

Speak out about poverty – what’s your experience?

In this section of the website we are publishing articles about poverty in Hackney. We would like to hear your story. What’s your experience and what impact is poverty having on Hackney residents?

Topics on the agenda include the implementation of Universal Credit and the catastrophic effects it could have on people already struggling with difficult situations such as temporary housing, the impact of poverty on physical and mental health and the consequences for children and families.

We will compare national research to local to analyse how poverty is impacting on the borough and on the services we offer. Nationally, more than a quarter of charity workers are paid under the living wage – read more. How does this influence services? What’s the local situation and what does this mean for the people you work with?

If you have a story or data to share, please get in touch with our Digital Communications Coordinator, Martyna Glowacka: martyna@hcvs.org.uk.

Read the articles:

Poverty and the Equalities Agenda – new campaign launched to review the Equalities Act. Read more

Universal Credit (UC) has been fully rolled out in Hackney – the interview with Emma Triggs from Hackney Advice Forum. Read more

The link between poverty and unhealthy eating – the interview with Kristine Wellington, Head of Safeguarding, Children and Families at Hackney CVS. Read more

Improving the lives of young black men in Hackney – Deji Adeoshun, Youth Leadership Manager at Hackney CVS, on providing estate-based employment support and empowering young men to influence policy. Read more