Workforce Development Programme announced

Workforce Development

As part of our commitment to support the local sector, we are introducing a new Workforce Development Programme (WDP) to voluntary and community organisations operating in the City of London and London Borough of Hackney.

Our approach will focus on developing your organisation’s workforce to improve their knowledge, enable them to learn new skills and help you achieve your goals. The programme is designed to support your staff and volunteers who attend our training events; to ensure that they are able to apply what they’ve learned in their everyday work.

Our training programme offers high-quality training to develop core competencies in key areas of Finance and fundraising, Strategy, Good governance, Monitoring and evaluation, Safeguarding, Developing and managing people, Marketing and Equality and diversity.

The programme is heavily subsidised to ensure that it is affordable to all sizes of charities and community groups. With training sessions charges starting from £20 for half-day training sessions for organisations whose income is less than £10,000 a year.

What’s on offer?

  • Subsidised training sessions responding to the development needs of organisations.
  • Training Club annual passes that allow your organisation a quota of capacity building training sessions per year for your staff and volunteers.
  • Organisations can opt in to use our Workforce development questionnaire to measure the staff and volunteers’ knowledge, confidence and skills
  • Hackney CVS team will use the results from the questionnaire and feedback from training to tailor our individual support to your workforce.
  • Hackney CVS Development Team will then offer one-to-one follow-up sessions to staff or volunteers attending our training sessions to ensure they are able to apply their learning to their everyday work.
  • Impact and success stories will be collected to showcase the progress of your workforce against their desired professional development.

What’s in it for you?

Our new Workforce Development Programme is adopting a talent development element, which means that we will work with your staff and/or volunteers to ensure that whatever training they attend with Hackney CVS will be followed up to ensure that the theory is applied in practice.

Your workforce who attends our training will receive a combination of theoretical training and one-to-one mentoring support; which provides them with the opportunity to discuss the theory they have learnt from training as well as being mentored throughout the practical application of their new knowledge and skills.

Why should you be interested?

“Successful organisations like Apple and Google, renowned for a strong company culture and ideology, attract a workforce that doesn’t just work for a paycheque. Employees share the same beliefs and motivations and therefore invest more of themselves in achieving great results and contributing to the overall business success”. Talent Management: The next wave, Chandler and Macleod.

We acknowledge that not every organisation can adopt a talent development model as it can be quite costly. So Hackney CVS is introducing this programme to support those organisations to develop, empower and retain their existing workforce.

Want to get involved?

To take part in the Workforce Development Programme, please ask your staff and volunteers to complete this online questionnaire:

Training Club

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