Organisational Development FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What does organisational development mean?
There are various definitions of organisational development and it will mean different things to different sectors. In the VCS we define organisational development as a package of advice and support provided by an infrastructure organisation to charities and community organisations to ensure effective growth and sustainability.

I need help with writing my funding bid? Can you write it for me?
We cannot write the funding bid or application for you. However, we can help you to answer the questions on the application form in a one-to-one session. Also, we can proofread and provide comments on your completed draft application in line with the guidance of the funding.

I want to connect with other local VCS organisations, how can you help?
We run multiple networks that focus on influencing local policy and relevant decision-makers as well as multiple special interest groups. We can introduce you to how to join these networks.

I don’t understand how to monitor and evaluate my project? What help can you give me?
We can provide advice on how to set up a monitoring and evaluation framework for your project. We also offer tailored training on monitoring and evaluation for charities which covers the essential skills needed to monitor and evaluate projects successfully.

What training do you offer and is it free to small organisations?
We provide a range of high-quality and bespoke training for the voluntary and community sector at subsidised rates depending on the size of your organisation. Check our website for the latest training and events. Alternatively, contact our training and events coordinator

I need to update my policies and procedures. Do you have templates I can use?
NCVO has information to help ensure that your organisation is well run.

I need to get some information about need in Hackney for my funding application – can you direct me to relevant resources and data?
We have compiled a list of resources that can help gather more information about the need in Hackney for your funding applications. Please visit our resources page and check the demographics section.

I need to ensure my staff complete a DBS check – can you help with this?
We carry out Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks for small organisations – checking the criminal records of potential employees or volunteers. To request an appointment for a DBS check, please send an email to

My organisation is running out of money and we might need to close down our charity? Can you help us think this through?
We can offer your organisation 5 free one-to-one sessions to help you think through this and to better understand what support you may need going forward.

I need help with managing one of my staff through a difficult situation, what advice would you give me?
Unfortunately, we are unable to provide you with HR advice. However, the ACAS helpline offers advice and information on a wide range of workplace issues to try and help employees and employers to solve their problems at work. This includes providing information on rights at work, changes in employment law and the best way to develop positive and productive working relations.

I’m interested in partnership working, how can I create or join already existing consortia?
We are hoping to see more partnerships in Hackney’s voluntary sector and we are offering 5 free one-to-group sessions to help you get started. Please note: the responsibility for arranging and hosting those support sessions will fall to the groups themselves to nominate a lead organisation to book the time with us. We have also produced a partnership prospectus which sets out our role as Hackney CVS when we have consent to lead partnerships with and for the local sector.