NRFP financial assistance hardship fund

No recourse to public funds (NRPF) financial assistance hardship fund

Financial assistance hardship fund

SWIM (Support When It Matters), in partnership with Middle Eastern Women Society Organisation, Refugee Women Association and Kanlungan Filipino Consortium, has been grant-funded £70,000 by Hackney Council to disburse financial assistance to support local residents financially impacted by the coronavirus crisis, but unable to access the welfare system due to the condition ‘No Recourse to Public Funds’ applied on their immigration status.

Eligibility: Open to residents who have ‘No recourse to public funds’ who have been financially impacted due to the pandemic and living in financial hardship. Financial assistance is to be used to help with things like  emergency help with food, reconnection of fuel supply and cost of utilities, help with travel, toiletries, basic or essential communication needs, rent arrears, basic clothing, child or baby essentials, prescriptions or rent deposits.

Application process – Organisations mentioned are taking referrals. For more information and to request a referral form please contact one of the four organisations:

SWIM – Email Angeline or call 07862 071 008.

Refugee Women’s Association – Email Jasmina or call 07435 753 179.

Middle Eastern Women in Society – Email Halaleh or call 07958 145 666,

Kanlungan Filipino Consortium – Email Florence or call 0203 893 1871.

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