Hackney Neighbourhood Conversations & Covid-19. A joined-up response to the pandemic.

We are fast-tracking a Neighbourhood Conversation in each of the 8 NHS Neighbourhoods. In each Neighbourhood we are supporting a local voluntary organisation to host the conversation and inviting local VCS organisations, the council, the NHS, the volunteer centre, tenant’s leaders, volunteer groups and councillors to take part.

Which Neighbourhood am I in?
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The aims of the Phase 1:

  • to build connections and to work better together
  • to be kept up to date with current information and guidance to help organisations deliver support on the ‘frontline’
  • to build a sense of what is happening on the ground that can be shared with Hackney Council, the NHS and Hackney CVS.

The aims of the Phase 2:

  • to continue to build connections
  • to share new and relevant information and guidance to support organisations to deliver on the ‘front-line’
  • to identify and utilise assets and expertise across each Neighbourhood to develop shared solutions
  • to co-ordinate action on key Neighbourhood issues, with a priority of achievable impact and benefit
  • to identify and address concerns that are preventing people getting the support they need
  • to providing ground level insight and feedback on key support services and resources
  • to support development of more local ownership, with broader and more diverse representation.

Phase 3

For more information about Phase 3 please email

For more information about the Neighbourhood Conversations email Katie Barton, Neighbourhoods Voluntary Sector Programme Manager:​


Updates from Neighbourhood Conversations:

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