Hackney Neighbourhood Conversations & VCSE Neighbourhoods Programme

What are Neighbourhood Conversations?

Neighbourhood Conversations are a chance for those living, working and providing services in the Neighbourhood to come together in large cross sector community meetings.

The VCSE Neighbourhoods Team is supporting local community and voluntary sector groups to host these meetings, with a wide mix of groups, VCS organisations, the council, the NHS, activists, volunteer groups and councillors taking part.

Join Phase 4 Neighbourhood Conversations

The next round of Neighbourhood Conversations will take place throughout November.

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Why should I come along?

It’s an opportunity to:

  • Build connections with people and find out what’s going on locally
  • Have your say in what you think the needs and priorities are for the Neighbourhood
  • Hear key updates and covid-19 developments – from Public Health, the Council and others
  • Work with others on projects and ideas.

More information

If you’d like to know more please drop us a line and we’ll be happy to have a chat. Contact Zebina or Georgina

You can also join Georgina and Zebina at a series of ‘drop in’ sessions for anyone joining us for the first time or wanting to find out more.

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  • Since March 2020, there have been 2 ‘Phases’ of Neighbourhood Conversations, focusing largely on supporting local COVID-19 response; building connections and a local network for communication, information sharing and increased opportunity to connect and collaborate.
  • Summary Neighbourhood Reports have been produced across emerging themes: digital divide, health impact, signposting and connecting with services, community action and mutual support, with inequality, poverty and food action.
  • 3 Workshops have been offered across each of the 8 Hackney and City Neighbourhoods in August and September:health impact, collaboration and working together, signposting and connectivity.

What are Neighbourhoods?

In City and Hackney, GP practices have joined with residents, community groups, voluntary sector organisations, NHS and council staff to create eight ‘Neighbourhood’ areas.

Each Neighbourhood includes four to seven GP practices who will work as part of a team of local services to coordinate health and social care in the community to help improve the lives of around 30,000 – 50,000 residents who live in that Neighbourhood area.

Find out more about the Neighbourhoods Programme at the City and Hackney Clinical Commissioning Group webpage.