Munch PR for Hackney Giving

Hackney Giving

Lizzie Earl, Founder and Director of the Munch PR agency, on their t-shirt collection and support of Hackney Giving.

What inspired the t-shirt sale?

In October we celebrated our first year of PR agency life and wanted to do something creative to mark the occasion. Across the Munch team we’ve worked at many different agencies, big and small, and over the past year we have blended our experience to make Munch what it is today – a creative boutique that thinks big. We decided to create a range of tongue-in-cheek charity t-shirts emblazoned with some of the UK’s most used agency jargon. As an imaginative team, we thought what better way to celebrate our agency’s first birthday than in a way that both pays homage to the funny language of our industry and gives back to the area we work in.

Why are you supporting Hackney Giving?

We’re a business that operates in Hackney, and some of us live here too. This is our community, and we love the fact that Hackney Giving focuses on themes that include nurturing entrepreneurships and bringing the community together through sports, social activities, cultural events and the arts.

What do you like about Hackney Giving model?

We love to work with big brands, start-ups and solopreneurs to achieve great things. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to achieve what they want and so we love that the Hackney Giving model provides grants to local charities that support everyone, from the young to the unemployed to the elderly. Hackney Giving addresses what matters most to the community, helping to support the borough from a grassroots level.

What do you think about companies’ social responsibility and impact?

If a business can support its local community, then it definitely should, whether that’s buying from local shops and suppliers, hiring within the community or supporting local events and charities. We can all do our part.

Would you like to add anything?

Thank you Hackney Giving for allowing us to support your cause in our own creative way, and for giving us the chance to share our views.

All proceeds from the collection will be donated to Hackney Giving, a project hosted by Hackney CVS that allows local businesses, corporate companies and residents to donate money to local community projects.

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