Lunch clubs annual satisfaction survey report

Hackney Lunch Clubs annual satisfaction survey report

The Hackney Lunch Clubs have published their annual satisfaction survey report.

The lunch clubs network is a group of 12 community-led lunch clubs for people aged 55 and over in Hackney.

The clubs serve people from a range of cultural backgrounds reflecting the diversity of Hackney including Caribbean, Chinese, Cypriot, Charedi Orthodox Jewish, Kurdish, Muslim, South Asian, Turkish and Vietnamese.

Other lunch clubs grew to serve older people on local authority housing estates, including Holly Street and Nightingale.

The clubs receive financial support from Hackney Council and provide a lifeline to many vulnerable older adults in the community.

For some who don’t cook for themselves, they provide regular warm meals at affordable prices. For those who live alone and live without family support, the clubs provide connection and access to advice, support and exercise. For some, the clubs provide respite from stressful caring duties at home.

The Lunch Clubs annual report outlines the results of the annual satisfaction survey in relation to five key outcomes in the Hackney lunch club contract.

The annual report highlights the importance of the Hackney lunch clubs in our local community – for social connection, a sense of belonging, our current mental health pandemic and the simple fact that some of our elders in Hackney can’t cook and survive on a very basic income at a time when food costs and heating costs are rising rapidly.