IT and technology


Digital Code of Practice
The Charity Digital Code of Practice aims to show how you can use digital to increase impact, develop the skills of staff and volunteers and improve your future sustainability. This version was written especially for small charities! > Read more

Making digital work: 12 questions for trustees to consider
This guidance was created by the Charity Commission, Grant Thornton and Zoe Amar Communications to help your board think about how digital can help you run your charity more effectively, and reach more people. > Read more

How to Optimize Your Website
This free guide is designed to advise organsiations on how to improve their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy through simple and effective changes to improve the quality of their website. > Read more

A Guide for staying safe and secure online
Good to Know is a collaboration between Google and CAB to raise awareness about matters related to safe and secure use of the internet and explain how to maximise your online security and protect your data. > Read more

The National Cyber Security Centre has produced a the Board Toolkit to encourage essential cyber security discussions between the Board and their technical experts, to help Board members get to grips with cyber security. > Read more

Understanding and Preparing for Cyber Risks
This free guide helps charities understand and minimise the threat of cyber risks. It explores what organisations can do to protect their data, staff and service users from cyber issues such as malware, phishing scams and email attacks. > Read more

Podio is a collaborative online work platform that helps manage a team’s work and communication. Podio users can create their own Podio Apps without any technical knowledge. Free for most non-profits. > Read more is an easy to use multi-channel communications tool for small charities, helping you with all your communications in under 1 hour a week. Write something once and publish it 4 ways – on the web, in an email newsletter, on social media, and in print. > Read more

Easy-to-Build Websites
BT Community Web Kit provides a free easy-to-build website with a free address and technical support. There is a choice of 8 templates to use, 15 colour themes and an easy-to-use graphical editor. > Read more

Voice: An easy-to-use website builder available free of charge to all community, not-for-profit, and voluntary organisations. > Read more

Complete Website Package
CrowdSkills provides a £999 all-in-one website package suitable for any charity. Every charity is matched with a local freelancer who completes the project, gives training on how to use the new website and offers ongoing support. > Read more

Free IT Support
CITA can help your charity make better use of IT. They provide pro bono volunteer IT professionals to help charities be more effective through their use of technology. > Read more

Computer Donation Service
Computer Aid International accept donations of unwanted PCs and laptops (with a free data destruction service included). Donated items are refurbished and redistributed to international non-profit organisations on request. > Read more

KindLink is an all-in-one software for charities. It is built in the cloud, available on mobile view and completely free. The services include Project Management, Donor & Beneficiary database/CRM, Online Payments/Fundraising and Donation Management with Gift Aid reporting. > Read more

Computer software & hardware for less
tt-exchange and tt-software will help your charity save money and raise more funds by providing a massive 92-96% savings on a wide range of software and products from world-leading technology companies. > Read more

Information and Signposting
VolResource aims to provide practical resources for people involved in charities. It acts as a portal bringing together information, a wide range of links to relevant web sites, alongside tips on key issues and what to look out for elsewhere. Read more

Technology Services
Lasa offers a variety of technology services, including a directory of ICT and web suppliers, a knowledge base of simple and practical IT resources, AIMS database software (free at basic level), and ICT training and consultancy services. > Read more

Improve Online Presence
Grow Your Charity Online is a learning hub, launched by Google in partnership with Media Trust and Technology Trust. It offers free training, tools and advice to help small charities improve their online presence and fundraising potential. > Read more

Online Resources
TechSoup helps charities connect with technology products and access free learning resources. Members can access a wide range of articles, blogs, webinars, forums led by experts as well as discounted products and services. > Read more

Guides and Tuition
Digital Unite offers a collection of comprehensible guides on how to do things on the internet, whether you are a novice or expert. It also provide a 1-2-1 home-based tutoring service for a small fee. > Read more

IT Resources
IT for Charities hosts an informed blog on databases and has a good directory of other sites with various IT support for charities, including other IT software. Helpful if you have an IT query. > Read more

Learn My Way is a free website designed to make computers and the internet easy to use. It has video guides for users of any level, from the very basics of using a mouse and keyboard, to online banking and using social media. > Read more

W3Schools is a site with free lessons and step-by-step guides on how to make a website. Free tutorials in all web development technologies. > Read more