Yolanda Lear’s spoken word

Female Hackney

Yolanda Lear's spoken word

Yolanda’s Lears poem, was a very powerful one that touched so many at the event.

This amazing piece of spoken word was formulated based on the experiences she encountered throughout her journey, which she has kindly offered to share a snippet of for our readers to experience the same feeling those women did at the event. Hope you enjoy!

I am more
More than the doors that are slammed in my face,
when it is my vision I am trying to chase,
I am more
More than the laughs, the remarks, the hate
The questioning if I am even fit for this place,
But let’s get it correct
Because I am more
See life dealt me a hand that I couldn’t control
But in the mist of a storm, that’s when I realised
I am more
I took control over one of the only things I could
Now that’s my mind, the most powerful tool of them all
I held a meeting with my emotions and thoughts
And told them,
I am more,
I took the power, now I own it, I’m in control over my mind
I look at life with a new lens
It’s only proof that I am more.
See prospective is everything
You can focus on the negative
But don’t expect your vision to be clear, is your lens is blurred
Focus on the positive, it will illuminate your light
So even when it rains, it looks like the sun shines
Then the world will realise,
That you and I are more!

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