Help choose the topic for the next VCS Assembly

Help choose the topic for the next VCS Assembly

The next VCS Assembly will be in January 2022 and we want you to help us choose the topic.

Topic suggestions have been compiled through a questionnaire to voluntary and community sector (VCS) organisations and conversations with key partners. Vote here.

The VCS Assembly is a quarterly meeting bringing together City and Hackney’s voluntary and statutory organisations to find discuss and find solutions to topics or issues that affect our communities. Solutions are then developed after the meeting with the VCS aiming to deliver them.

Previous Assembly topics have been on ’emotional wellbeing and mental health’ and ‘racial equality’. After your input on topic choices, the final topic will be decided by the VCS Leadership group.

The topics to vote on are:

  • Disability – access and empowerment
  • Poverty reduction
  • Violence, including domestic violence, hate crimes, homophobia
  • Climate change / environmental sustainability
  • Post-Covid recovery – individual and community
  • Community empowerment

Please consider what topic affects your communities and that the VCS could make a change in!