March 2022 Health and Social Care Forum


Health and Social Care Forum - presentations from the March 2022 Forum

On 29 March 2022 we held a meeting to ‘Demystify the Health and Care System’.

The Health and Social Care Forum is a topic-based forum that covers cross-cutting issues affecting all Special Interest Groups (SIGs), networks and forums facilitated by Hackney CVS.

The HSCF briefing document shared at the Forum can be downloaded here.

This meeting was held to share updates about City and Hackney health and social care system that may affect the voluntary and community sector. By understanding changes in the system, VCS organisations will better understand the opportunities and actions they can take to improve their organisations sustainability and how to work as partners within the health and social care system at the Neighbourhood, place and system level.  

The Health and Social Care Forum is formed of several SIGs; Mental Health, Learning Disabilities, Sexual Health, LGBTQ+, Hackney Advice Forum, Hackney Refugee and Migrant Forum.


Videos from the Forum

We have captured what the speakers at the meeting said in the videos below.

Welcome and Introduction by Rosemary Jawara, Chair of the VCS Leadership Group meeting and CEO and Founder of Beersheba Living Well. 

Rosemary outlined the meeting as an important opportunity to hear from Health system leaders to understand what change is happening, how it might affect voluntary and community sector (VCS) and how they can be part of influencing positive change.

Jessica Lubin, Hackney CVS – Director of Health Transformation, Networks and Partnerships

Jessica Lubin HSCF Video Link 

Jessica gave an overview of the health system changes and where the VCS sits in the system. One of the Hackney CVS aims for the VCS City and Hackney and part of North East London is fair and sustainable funding for the voluntary sector. We want to make as much impact on reducing health and inequalities together with the system.


Marie Price, Director of corporate affairs, North East London Integrated Care System
Marie Price HSCF Video Link 

Marie gave an update on the changes in the North East London level and how the Voluntary and Community Sector can be part of the system changes.

She praised the Voluntary and Community Sector for the work that colleagues do for the people of Hackney and the City. “I want to say a big thank you for all the work that you do for the people of Hackney and City particularly, over the last 2 years there has been an incredible amount of work from your sector, and it has made a real difference and we really want to build on that over the next few years.”

NEL’s 4 key priorities:

  1. Children and Young people
  2. Mental Health
  3. Employment & Workforce
  4. Long term conditions

Sadie King, Programme Lead, Neighbourhoods at Homerton Hospital
Sadie King HSCF Video Link 

Sadie gave an update on the Neighbourhoods programme and shared some proposals to support the workforce.  

The 4 Priorities for 2022/2023 are:

  1. Supporting people to prevent or better manage health issues.
  2. Learn from, improve and develop more blended health and care teams that support residents.
  3. Supporting the workforce of all partners to work differently in flexible teams with residents’ needs and views at the centre.
  4. Develop a structure in each neighbourhood that brings professionals and residents together to address health inequalities and priorities.

Sadie is keen to be contacted by anyone wanting to discuss ideas or other things that are going on in City and Hackney. Email Sadie:


Jonathan McShane, Integrated Care Convener, NEL CCG 

Jonathan McShane HSCF Video Link 

Jonathan gave an overview of the Integrated Care perspective and how the Integrated Care joins the North East London and Neighbourhood level together.

Strategic priorities for the Integrated Care Partnership

  1. Giving every child the best start in life
  2. Improving mental health
  3. Preventing mental ill-health
  4. Improving outcomes for people with long term health and care needs.

We want to continue and not only have the Voluntary Sector as equal partner but to give them the resources to be able to enable them to carry out that role properly.

If anyone has any questions or comments to share, please email Jonathan McShane


Peter Merrifield, CEO, SWIM (Support When It Matters)

Peter Merrifield HSCF Video 

Peter gave an overview of SWIM including why the organisation was founded, the challenges they face, how they have been overcome. He highlighted to be able to inform the health system, organisations must be informed of how the system works.

More about the Health and Social Care Forum

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