Gender pay analysis

Salaries at Hackney CVS


Any organisation employing 250 or more employees was required to submit a GPR (gender pay report) to the government by 4 April 2018.

At Hackney CVS we employ around 45 staff so we were not required to submit a GPR. However, as an organisation committed to equalities and to transparency, we have reviewed salaries by gender and publish our findings here.

Pay at Hackney CVS

Based on 2017/18 job descriptions and respective salaries (no differential based on hours worked however):

  • There were a total of 45 roles in the organisation in 2017/18;
  • 30 employees are women and 15 are men. The average salary is 8% higher for men;
  • Women are paid 8.7% higher at executive level and 8% higher at senior manager level – our two senior manager bandings – and also marginally more at professional levels 2 and 1 but less at support level;
  • We are dealing with relatively small numbers of people so percentages need to be considered with some caution. The pay gap would be virtually equal if, for instance, the CEO’s salary was discounted then the average pay for men would be 5% lowerthan for women;
  • The difference between the highest and lowest salary (as a ratio) = 1 to 3.5 (office cleaner to CEO).