Female Hackney comment on the Child Q case

Child Q

Female Hackney comment

Yolanda Lear, from Female Hackney, shares her thoughts about Child Q, or Queen Q as she calls her. 

We at Female Hackney firstly, would like to extend our love and support to Queen Q and her family. We are all extremely disheartened and disappointed about the details of this case in which a young girl was stripped-searched in her school, a place where she should feel safe. That safety got taken away.

Female Hackney is all about building a sisterhood for young Black and ethnic minorities women. We want Queen Q to know that she will always have a sisterhood with us, with us she will always get love and support. We at Female Hackney will continue to be the voice for young girls such as Queen Q.

The support we have to give Queen Q is much stronger than just words. Members of Female Hackney and youth leaders from Hackney CVS went down to both protests in support of Queen Q. We haven’t allowed this to be swept under the carpet.

Members of Account Hackney and Female Hackney have led on community meetings that had around 150 community members attending, including about 70 young people. The meetings were held to gather the voices and demands of the community and come up with actions on how we as a community can move forward, heal and support each other with this case.