Female Hackney – a newly emerging sisterhood

Female Hackney

We are Female Hackney. We are a sisterhood – a newly emerging sisterhood aimed at uplifting women of African and Caribbean heritage in Hackney’s community.

Based in the Youth Programmes team at Hackney CVS in Dalston, we work on social pressures affecting Black women and address issues related to mental health.

Eventually, we want to expand outwards and collaborate with other community organizations and provide support to other women in the community. We are aimed at supporting 18 – 25 -year-olds.


“Female Hackney has definitely benefited me in many ways. The workshops have been very supportive and have given me more of an understanding what a true sisterhood is. I feel like it’s helped me with not only listening  – more it’s helped me realise the different things people go through day to day.” Chyna White

“Being on this project has not only benefitted me, but has also allowed my confidence to grow to the point where for the first time, I led my own female hackney session and got such overwhelming feedback which made me so happy and motivated to lead more. I’m over the moon that I was able to gradually gain confidence and enhance my leadership skills through our constant Female Hackney sessions and the way it touched all the females was an indescribable feeling. Female Hackney’s courage training was also really good. I don’t usually feel that comfortable opening up to people but all the girls were so lovely and we discovered that we all have a lot in common. It allowed me to reflect on myself as a person, what my strengths are and explore different situations I’ve been through and how I grew the courage to overcome them.” Abigail Burland.

“I found the overall experience empowering and motivational. It’s has allowed me to open up more, understand myself and females more. Also allowed me to get more in touch with my feminine side, which at times I tend to shy away from. It helped me prove to myself, that I don’t always need to have my guard up, and can allow myself to be free also.” Yolanda Lear.