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VCS Assembly Meeting

15 June 2021 @ 12:00 - 14:30

We are excited to bring you the first VCS Assembly meeting which will take place on 15th June from 12:00 – 2:30 – please save the date and zoom details below.

Topic: VCS Assembly – 1st Meeting on Emotional Wellbeing
Time: Jun 15, 2021 12:00 -14:30

Meeting ID: 817 3052 3006 Passcode: 648339

To attend the meeting, please register here

What is the VCS Assembly? Is it new? I have not heard of it…

The short answer: It’s a zoom call getting the community and the health system together to see what we can do that will make the biggest difference

More detail: The VCS Assembly is a new quarterly meeting which will bring all the Hackney & City voluntary and community organisations and networks together to discuss how we can address and find solutions to the most important issues we face. The plan is to discuss what we know and what people think will make a difference if we work together better and have the resources to act.

What’s its purpose?

The short answer: Bringing everyone together so that great ideas from the grass roots can get heard and acted on.

More detail: the quarterly Assembly meetings will have four key objectives:

  1. To bring together all voluntary and community organisations and networks to discuss the most important issues facing Hackney and the City.
  2. To provide a forum to develop solutions and build consensus on an agreed set of actions to deliver the solutions.
  3. Translating the solutions into business cases (as appropriate), to secure the support of the City & Hackney health and social care system.
  4. To explore further opportunities to strengthen and reinforce joint working with public sector colleagues.

How can it actually make a difference?

Short answer: by shifting power and funding to the frontline organisations – so communities are leading the solutions

More detail: Ideally the things we agree on, and the actions we identify, will form business cases so that we can secure the support of the health and care system – the NHS, Council and other key players.

Many of you will know that since lockdown we have secured over £1m in grant investment from the Council’s Public Health department and the Clinical Commissioning Group so that local VCS organisations can support the roll out of test and trace, have funding to support their activities and, more recently, help communities and residents get the right information to make informed choices about taking the vaccine. We want to build on this approach to host Assembly meetings that further explore the issues and to establish what we can do if we work together with our public sector colleagues.

Why should I get involved?

Short and long answer: we need you!  Its not going to work without everyone giving this a go… we will be learning as we go to ensure the meetings are inclusive for everyone and get results. The assembly is for everyone – whether you are a small community group focussed on one community or a large charity serving a wide number of people. Everyone’s voice is important!

Be prepared!
The first meeting in June will focus on ‘Emotional Wellbeing’ as it’s an issue that everyone has been impacted by in some way.  Get thinking now – what can we all work on together that will make the greatest difference?

As background reading, please review the VCS Recovery & Resilience Strategy, which many of you helped us to pull together by inputting to focus groups and online conversations that we held. This document helps to set the scene for our forthcoming Assembly meeting by identifying what you think is important and what we can do together.

When is it?  How do I join in?
We will be sending more details about the Assembly in the next few weeks so, for now, please hold the 15th June – 12 – 2.30 in your diaries. The event will be held on zoom and will be an inclusive format so everyone can be involved.


15 June 2021
12:00 - 14:30

Want to get involved?

020 7923 1962
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