Cultural Humility Training Directory launched


Cultural Humility Training Directory for City and Hackney

Following a VCS Assembly held in 2021 on ‘How to make City and Hackney anti-racist,’ Hackney CVS has published a Cultural Humility Training Directory. 

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What is it?
The directory is a guide to cultural humility training available in City and Hackney. The training sessions are delivered by local organisations that reflect the communities they are representing.
Cultural humility encourages a nature of openness, understanding the complexity of identities and encourages ongoing learning and reflection, essential to achieving anti-racism and equitable diversity and inclusion (Health City, 2022).

Who is it for and how can I use it?
We have pulled together training relevant to organisations across our local health and social care system for both the statutory and voluntary and community sectors. The training sessions aim to cover topics identified as important by our community. Use this directory to find training for you or your organisation to improve your inclusive and anti-racist working.

Why this directory?
Hackney CVS delivered a VCS Assembly on ‘How to make City and Hackney anti-racist’ in October 2021. This highlighted a lack of understanding around cultural diversity, humility and anti-racism across the voluntary and community sector (VCS) and health and social care sector, and a need for better awareness of available training in the boroughs.

Future work
This directory is the first stage of developing and delivering a multi-faceted training programme based around cultural humility and anti-racism for organisations across City and Hackney – including health and social care services, frontline providers, VCS organisations and residents, individual/community capacity building. This aims to empower individuals and organisations working with the community across City and Hackney to work in an anti-racist way, to prevent the re-traumatisation of the wider community.

If you would be interested in being part of a consortium of organisations developing and delivering this training programme, please contact

Training topics may include:

  • race as a construct (based on reverse discourse theory)
  • anti-racism
  • positive and uniting language
  • unconscious and conscious bias
  • allyship and inclusive leadership reflecting on meetings for any biases expressed
  • awareness of microaggressions
  • the importance of personal identity and power
  • how structural racism manifests and impacts our communities.



Cultural Humility Training Directory

Cultural Humility Training
By: Mabadiliko CiC
For: Organisations
Population of focus: All ethnicities and cultures
Price: Available on request
Contact: Nadine Fontaine-Palmer –

Cultural Competency Training (zoom) and Intercultural Awareness Training (Zoom) 10am-4pm
By: Nafsiyat Intercultural Therapy Centre
For: Individuals, groups and organisations
Population of focus: All ethnicities and cultures
Price: Individuals £89.67, group (15 person session) £925
Contact: Lizzie Francis –


Decolonising the curriculum
By: Orlene Badu Consulting
For: All ethnicities and cultures
Population of focus: Schools
Price: Available on request


(De)-Constructing an Anti-Racist Classroom
By: Class 13
For: Schools and Teachers
Population of focus: training teachers to develop their felt-sense of inequality, allowing them to challange injustice
Price: Available on request
Contact: Curtis Worrell –


Cultural Competence Training
By: I Found Me Counselling Services
For: Individuals and organisations
Population of focus: Diverse communities and needs
Price: Available on request
Contact: Emily Lewis –


Cultural Competency and anti-racism Training
By: Lisa Wang (Diversity & Inclusion Consultant)
For: Organisations (corporate and other) and Individuals
Population of focus: East and South East Asian community
Price: Available on request
Contact: Lisa Wang –


Free resources

Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Anti-Racist Practice Resources
from Hackney Strategic Partnership

Online resources (Hackney Strategic Partnership)
For: Organisations and Individuals
Population of focus: All ethnicities and communities



Please note, these training sessions are provided by external organisations and as such we cannot take responsibility for their services.