Covid-19 vaccinations for frontline health & social care workers, including VCS organisations

This content has been produced by City & Hackney Public Health

City & Hackney are in the process of arranging access to Covid-19 vaccinations at Homerton University Hospital for frontline health and social care workers. This will also include our community and voluntary sector organisations working in City and Hackney.

i) First dose
ii) Important instructions for your second dose – update 04.03.21

First Dose

This is critical to ensure we protect health and care workers, patients and the public at a time when Covid-19 pressures across health and care are intensifying.

Who is it for?

This is for any health or social care staff member and volunteers who are currently in direct contact with clients/residents.The details will be shared with the vaccine coordinator – Homerton University Hospital. As soon as vaccines and capacity are available, each member of staff will receive an email invitation to book an appointment for their vaccinations.

What do I need to do?

  1. Download, save and complete the Excel template.
    Please select: voluntary sector (under division/organisation) and hackney social care (for staff group). Please note: this is the set process and we realise you might not all be working in social care.
  2. Password protect the document. Send it to both of the following emails: and Please include the organisation name in the subject line of the email.

    How do I password protect the spreadsheet?
    – select File (in the top left hand corner of the page)
    – select Info and Protect Workbook
    – select Encrypt with password
    – enter password
  3. Send the password in a separate email to both of the following emails: and

You will receive an acknowledgment of receipt and it will then be passed onto Homerton University Hospital.

What happens when I submit the names of staff and volunteers (in the Excel template)?

The details will be shared with the vaccine coordinator at Homerton University Hospital. As soon as vaccines and capacity are available, each member of staff will receive an email invitation to book an appointment for their vaccinations. Please let your staff and volunteers know this.

What data protection procedures are being followed?

Data sharing for Covid-19 purposes has been nationally authorised. All information will only be used for the purpose of Covid-19 vaccination rollout, and not used for any other purposes or shared more widely. Organisations should amend their policies so that staff are aware that their information will be shared for these purposes.

What do I do if I have any questions?

City and Hackney is working hard to vaccinate all of our local frontline workers in the coming weeks. We have pulled together a list of questions that staff/volunteers may have about the vaccine, the process and the reasons we are urging all staff to accept their invitations to be vaccinated when they receive them. Please see the attached PDF which you can share with frontline staff.

This also includes a link to FAQs pulled together by East London Health & Care Partnerships:

For any other questions regarding submitting the Excel template, please contact Ben Greenbury, City and Hackney CCG:

Important instructions for your 2nd dose

  • If you walked in for your 1st dose without a booking, please walk into either the education centre at Homerton Hospital, or the Great Hall at St Leonards Hospital for your 2nd dose 10 weeks after the date of your 1st dose.
  • If you had a pre booked appointment for your 1st dose, please check your email or text for confirmation on when to attend for your 2nd dose.

If staff booked an appointment for their first dose then they should already have a text or email with their second dose appointment. If staff have not received a text or email about their second dose then they should follow the instructions below on walk-in.

For staff that walked into St Leonards for their first dose on Wednesday 13th or Thursday 14th January, and are due their 2nd dose on Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th March respectively, please note that the St Leonards Clinic now only runs on a Thursday. See times and locations for walk-in clinics below.
Walk-in Times and Locations:

Please do not attend earlier than 10 weeks, and no later than 12 weeks, following your first dose. We will not be able to vaccinate you if you arrive earlier than 10 weeks from your first dose.

1.      Walk-in appointments are available at the Education Centre in Homerton Hospital. The Education Centre is situated at the rear of the hospital site and can be accessed via Clifden Road Entrance Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday), first walk-in 8.20am and last walk-in 4.30pm

2.       Walk-in appointments available at St Leonard’s Hospital, in the Main Hall. Entrance to Hospital Via Nuttal Street, N1 5LZ. There is Parking on Site. Clinics run on Thursdays only. First walk-in at 9.20am and last walk-in at 2.45pm.

If you any queries you can email the Homerton Hospital Staff Covid-19 Vaccination Programme  Helpdesk at

If you have any concerns about receiving your second dose and would like to speak with a clinical lead for reassurance,  please email the helpdesk and request a call back from a clinical lead.