Council request for information from mental health services

Council request for information from mental health services

Hackney Council has requested that mental health services provide information about their services.

Please could you complete the two attached documents with as much information as possible?

  • The spreadsheet is intended to be line by line client/patient data – please use one line per patient/client.
  • The Word document is for summary patient/client data, as well as service information.

Please complete the fields where you have data as best as possible.
Please add in additional columns where you have additional data that will help to answer the questions.

Please do not delete any columns but indicate where data is not available. Where it is not possible to provide the data, please make it clear why this is, e.g. because it is not collected, the patient/client refused to provide the information or for another reason.

For organisations that also deliver services for IAPT and/or the WBN, to avoid double counting, this should relate to activity conducted outside of these bigger services.

Please send this data to by 13 August.

If you would like to participate but this deadline will be an issue, please let us know asap and we will do our best to discuss and accommodate any reasonable requests.