Community awards 2020

Our 2020 community awards night took place at Hackney Town Hall on Tuesday 11 February

Gary Francis Young Achiever Award winners

Held in memory of our Youth Programmes Manager, Gary Francis, these awards recognise outstanding young people who have achieved against the odds. Our 2020 winners were:

Daniel Ocitti, Mona Ait Jakane, Jade Walcott, Kyarna Morris, Montell Pemberton, Shenique Bass, David Smith

Download the awards night script to read about the Gary Francis young achievers

The Adiaha Antigha Community Achievement Award winners

Held in memory of our founder, Adiaha Antigha, who made a huge contribution to Hackney CVS and to the sector as a whole. The winners were:

Sadie Alleyne, Shoreditch Trust, for the best outreach work to engage new people

The Parity project, ELBA, for challenging discrimination

Faisal Pirbhai, Apex Learning Hub, for bringing communities together

Laura Prikken, Shoreditch Trust, for empowering disabled people

Download more info on the winners