Case study – Roj Women’s Association

Case study – Roj Women’s Association

Roj Women’s Association

Roj Women’s Association joined the Migrant Support Network for further capacity building support and alongside 12 other local migrant support organisations benefited from the direct capacity-building support from the network.

The capacity-building support helped the organisation to address the developmental needs, and good progress in this area, with the support of Hackney CVS, helped the charity to better develop its capacity which in turn helped the organisation to both develop and deliver new services.

Roj Women’s Association benefited from the support offered by Hackney CVS to the local Hackney-based organisations and grass-root charities. Especially the type of support and expertise that the small organisations operating on limited resources can’t afford but is vital for their development.

Organisational capacity building support, advice on budget preparations, and how to set up good frameworks for partnership projects just to mention a few. Overall the organisation was able to develop significantly over the last couple of years because of the capacity building support from Migrant Support Network.

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