Calling Hackney residents aged 50 and over – tell us your story!

Tell us your story!

Calling Hackney residents aged 50 and over – tell us your story!

Following the success of our Windrush and Diversity storytelling projects, we are running a final ‘Stories of a Hackney Generation’ project at the Connect Hackney media group.
We will be producing a commemorative booklet and audio recordings about Hackney’s older residents and local communities.
If you are aged 50+, we’d love to hear your story. We are keen to capture stories from the past and the present day as well as thoughts about the future. Our themes for this year’s project are:

  • Older people’s experiences during the pandemic. Including positive aspects of surviving the pandemic and lessons learnt from a historical event.
  • Community and the importance of being connected.
  • Staying connected during COVID using technology, from the telephone to WhatsApp to Zoom.
  • What elders continue to contribute to family and friends and to the community from lived experience.
  • Intergenerational relationships during the pandemic – how have younger people helped out?
  • Living history – your stories from the past to the present and thoughts about the future.

Be interviewed for the audio recordings or commemorative booklet, research and write an article, or write your own story.
Full training and support provided by our friendly team. No previous experience needed.
You do have a story to tell and we would love to hear it!
We will launch the booklet and recordings at a special event in 2022!
Storytelling, interviewing and writing sessions take place online and or by phone
October – December 2021.

For more information or to get involved, please contact:
Zelina, 020 7923 1962

Email Zelina