Issues highlighted at the previous VCS Assembly

VCS Assembly

Issues highlighted at the previous VCS Assembly 

Following the Racial Equality VCS Assembly in October 2021, we are seeking community opinions to develop five solutions:

  • Safe spaces – for diverse communities.
  • Reducing school exclusions – primary and secondary schools.
  • (E)quality mark – an equality standard for VCS, NHS and council around collaborative anti-racist working.
  • Positive representation – sharing positive narratives of our diverse communities using media forms such as art, storytelling, performance and posters.
  • Training – including cultural and racial competency, anti-racist working, etc.

We hope to develop these offers into a business case or fundraising proposals to be delivered by City and Hackney’s community and voluntary organisations.

We would love to hear your opinions, thoughts and ideas around these solutions, to ensure they reflect the needs of our communities.

If you have a question, please email the Assembly team.


Click here for minutes from the Assembly held on 6 October.