African Community School

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"We provide a holistic service which enables parents and children to learn together as a family."

- Kome Owuasu, Development Manager of African Community School

What is African Community School and what services do you provide to residents in Hackney?

African Community School is a supplementary provision for predominantly ethnic minority children who sometimes struggle with the school structure. The school enable these children to learn in a safe and supportive environment, focusing on English, science, maths and homework support for children aged between 5 to 16 years. We also provide a holistic service which enables parents and children to learn together as a family. Other services include: accredited adult learning classes, parenting classes and summer school as well as mentoring for children.

What benefits do you see for the families participating in your program?

One of the benefits is that the families were empowered to support their children’s education with more confidence. Parents were able to take up further training and employment. Another benefit is that parents are more confident in getting involved in school activities and volunteering in school.

What difference does African Community School make to the residents of Hackney?

African Community School is unique in providing this type of service to local residents. Teachers have reported an increase in school attendance, improvement with education levels of achievement and improved behaviour. More parents are now attending parent evenings and coffee mornings in school.

Of all the families involved in the supplementary school 25% of those that are unemployed gain full-time employment within the school structure. 75% of parents attending the training are achieving accredited certificates in various courses.

How has Hackney CVS helped you to grow your services and your organisation?

African Community School has been receiving support from Hackney CVS for the past 10 years and they have helped us to increase our funding, update our policies and procedures. We have also received support in monitoring and evaluation through programs like Delivering Change and we are now able to communicate the impact that we have on local society. We have also received various trainings to support our staff and volunteers around safeguarding and demonstrating outcomes.