Our projects

Youth Independent Advisory Group

ACCOUNT is an independent advisory group of young people that monitors, researches and represents the community on policing issues in Hackney.

Before enrolling on the programme young people undertake training to:

  • Learn about and analyse police powers surrounding stop and search
  • Learn about research methodology and design a research project
  • Investigate historical case studies around policing in the borough through archival work at CLR James Archives
  • Attend sessions with researchers and academics on the history of policing and Stop and Search Laws
  • Meet with the Coroner at St Pancras Coroner’s Court.

What does the group do?
Following on from the success of the Youth Stop and Search Monitoring Group and the ‘youth leaders’ model, young people are encouraged to lead and design the content and organisation of the programme, developing transferable skills in teamwork, management and research.

Key activities include:

  • Host monthly meetings with senior police officers holding the Borough Commander Unit to account on local issues surrounding policing
  • Meet with specialist units, including the Territorial Support Group (TSG), the Firearms Unit and the Integrated Gangs Unit
  • Organise projects and events to build community cohesion and build up relations with police