Fairer Society

Strategy 2023-2028

Our new strategy sets out our vision and approach for creating a resilient voluntary and community sector, resourced, and equipped to support local communities to thrive.

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We co-produced our new strategy over the course of a year and this process helped us to identify three strategic goals for 2023-2028:

1. Stronger Voice
By stronger voice, we mean collectively empowering all community organisations, and seldom-heard communities, across City & Hackney to inform, shape, and influence the long-term transformative decisions affecting residents.

2. Effective Bridge
By an effective bridge, we mean developing the channels that enable local VCS organisations themselves to be the agents of local change, and through these directly address the inequalities within City & Hackney.

3. A Thriving VCS
By a thriving VCS, we mean bringing all VCS in City & Hackney together to understand social inequality, addressing this through collaboration, and ensuring that all VCS organisations have the capacity and resources they need.

We launched A Fairer Society at our office in Dalston on 19 July 2023 – photos below.


Annual Accounts

Our last Annual Accounts can be downloaded here.

We are based at The Adiaha Antigha Centre, 24-30 Dalston Lane, E8 3AZ

Hackney CVS is a registered charity: no 1069736.