Abigail and Chyna

Female Hackney

Abigail and Chyna

Abigail Asante and Chyna-Mae Whyte had performed an insightful back 2 back piece which was also created based on the experiences they had encountered throughout their journey, which they have kindly offered to share a snippet for our readers to experience the same feeling the women did at the event. Hope you enjoy!

AB- Yo, my names Abigail Asante & this is my sis Chyna
We got stories that need to be heard
Some are big & some tings minor
Bruv I’ve broken some mad bricks
Stayed away from the bad clicks
But Chy, take it away
Cos right now, I’m taking a break

Chyna – Abs, my sis thanks for the intro
now let me tell you bout my story
There’s some things
that I can’t explain
All this messed up stuff
on my brain
when I told bout my head
they told me I was going Insane
See I really thought I was bugging but I didn’t wanna be that burden
So I’ve always stayed in my lane

AB – Yo sis, let me give you some advice
Cos, there’s couple things that
I don’t have to tell you twice
See people take the piss
because your loving & your nice

Chyna – Trust me sis being nice
never got me no where
and I’m just being precise
In life they ain’t got your back
I’ve always had to fight my

AB – Yeah when the going gets,tough
Its mad you have to pay the price
Sometimes I wanted to eat chips
But had to settle down with rice
Didn’t have much pennies
But bess know that shit changed
When I hopped into my twenties

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