Why impact matters

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Why impact matters

Jason Pollard, one of the freelance trainers we work with, has written a blog about why impact matters for voluntary and community sector organisations.


“Voluntary and community sector organisations deliver services in an increasingly competitive funding and commissioning environment.

This full day’s impact training will show you how to collect and use data effectively in order to understand what works, to improve service delivery and evidence the work you do.

We all know when a service has an impact on our beneficiaries and service users.

What this interactive workshop does is show how collecting and using impact data more effectively provides further insight.

This will give you an invaluable understanding into why a service has the effect it does, for who – especially if we are delivering to groups with complex needs – and how a service produces the change that it does.

Above all, we show how to develop the internal evaluation capacity to really stand out!”

Jason Pollard

Jason will be delivering impact training in our upcoming spring training programme.