Supported Employment Network

Supported employment services help disabled people to move towards or into employment of their choice.

Supported employment services offer structured job search, confidence building, CV or interview preparation, volunteering placements,  planning for or delivering in-work assistance, and helping employers to make reasonable adjustments for disabled people.

This Network plans to develop user-led research about what makes a supported employment service effective from a user perspective.

There is strong evidence to show that work is good for both physical and mental health and wellbeing but disabled people find it harder to access the job market – the charity Scope found that disabled people need to apply for 60 per cent more jobs before they find work.

This Network exists to improve disabled people’s choice of career opportunities and sustainable jobs. We believe that to achieve this , disabled people need both a clear offer of employment support that meets their needs and effective partnership working to create a seamless experience across providers.

I’m a disabled person. How can I find a supported employment service? Find out more: