Partnership prospectus

In leading partnerships, we have secured over £10m over the last 10 years

Hackney CVS prides itself on its approach to partnership, whether that is working with public bodies or subcontracting local voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations (VCSE).

We are committed to securing resources for the local voluntary and community sector by leading or supporting partnerships of local VCS organisations to deliver programmes which make Hackney a Fairer borough.

Download our Partnership prospectus here.

Also, we are keen to help the local sector develop their own partnerships. Sometimes we might lead a partnership to start with because there is a clear role to initiate joint working but then have the ambition to move to a partner-led model in the longer term.

In leading partnerships, we have secured over £10m over the last 10 years through a number of high profile partnerships and consortia approaches. We also created a special purpose vehicle some years ago to help the local VCS work together on health & social care programmes such as the One Hackney and City programme which provided essential resources for local VCSE organisations to help residents get the care they need. We are in the process of refreshing the special purpose vehicle (City & Hackney Together) and will soon be recruiting new Board members that reflect the diversity of the health and social care sector.

At a time of scarce resources, working in partnership with others is critical in achieving the best outcomes with limited budgets.

Our Partnership Prospectus gives charitable funders, local public sector commissioners and the local VCS organisations (our core membership) the opportunity to understand our approach to developing partnerships and consortia so that you can engage further with us.

Working to foster a culture of collaboration is part of our approach to community empowerment and one of the key strategic objectives in our 3-year Strategic Plan – click here for more details.

Our experience of working in partnership with Hackney CVS is really positive, especially the focus on developing a shared vision for the creation and implementation of projects needed to address localised issues through different partnership models available.

Daniel Mussie, Skyway Youth Charity