EPIC Health

EPIC Health

Empowerment Programme for Inclusive Community Health

Empowerment Programme for Inclusive Community Health (EPIC Health) links the health system and the VCS in City and Hackney by providing opportunities for groups and organisations to connect and communicate, ensuring the inclusion of smaller groups.

Previously known as VCS Enabler, we work with the community to identify issues and co-design community-led solutions in forums. We hold strategic groups that enable partners to share insights and expertise. We’re passionate about the VCS having an equitable voice in shaping priorities at place-based board level. We’re proactive and responsive, achieving change through these principles:

  • Convene: Forums and spaces for City & Hackney change-makers to identify solutions.
  • Amplify/Advocate: Key issues faced by VCS organisations and their clients at place-based meetings.
  • Resource: Community members through coaching, training, spaces to convene and funding.
  • Effect change: Shape policies and inform strategies to address health inequalities at key ICS and place-based board meetings.

Come along to our Coffee Mornings to network, build relationships, and find out about new projects in the community. We’ll also share updates on strategic and resident priorities.

Our Coffee Morning in Hackney takes place on the 4th Wednesday of the 2nd month of the quarter 9:30-11:30am at Hackney CVS, The Adiaha Antigha Centre 24-30 Dalston Lane, London E8 3AZ.

Our Coffee Morning in City of London takes place on the 2nd Tuesday of the 2nd month of the quarter 9:30-11:30am at Portsoken Community Centre, 20 Little Somerset Street, London E1 8AE. Please check on our website for the latest updates on our events here.

The VCS Leadership Group is made up of over 20 VCS leads, who aim to ensure the expertise of the VCS sector is recognised and integrated into the ICS. Our aims are to: Influence and support system change on behalf of the VCS in City & Hackney Lever more resources into the VCS with increased usage and evidenced outcomes for residents Develop and deliver strategy, be the strategic lead of the diversity of the VCS and to be accountable to the wider VCS.

We convene a range of strategic groups for VCS organisations to address the health and community needs of City and Hackney residents. Each group meets bi-monthly or quarterly and are open to anyone who provides health, care or wellbeing support to the community.

  • Hackney Refugee and Migrant Forum: brings together refugee and migrant community groups for collaborative and partnership working.
  • Mental Health Strategic Group: aims to reduce waiting lists and improve access to quality care, whilst addressing crisis and preventable suicides.
  • Long Term Health and Care Needs Strategic Group: shares information knowledge and resources between the statutory and voluntary and community sector to improve health and wellbeing.
  • Children and Families Forumsupporting community organisations and charities, statutory health and care partners to learn more about services available, share expertise, skills and resources to support children and young people from 0-18 years , and  to 25 with additional needs, and families.

Please register on our event booking page.

The Health and Social Care Forum (HSCF) is a network of voluntary and community sector groups with an interest in Health and Social Care. Meetings are open to any interested individuals or groups. HSCF aims to ensure:

  • The VCS perspective is heard in the Health and Social Care planning and commissioning of services.
  • We have accountable and supported VCS representatives in Health and Social Care planning and commissioning meetings.
  • The VCS have opportunities to network and share good practice.
  • The VCS have access to quality information on local & national policy, planning and funding that will assist them to deliver quality services.

In February 2023, Berni Graham was commissioned to create an independent evaluation of the first 2 years of the VCS Enabler Programme. It has helped us to understand the benefits to the health and social care sector, particularly VCS and statutory partners towards the same objectives, and recommendations for developing the programme for future years. You can read the VCS Enabler Independent Evaluation Report June 2023 by clicking this link or read the Executive Summary.