Artburst is a social enterprise providing creative educational workshops that improve the lives of young people and their families. They won one of our Adiaha Antigha Community Achievement Awards back in 2011.

In 2011 Artburst won the Adiaha Antigha Award for the organisation ‘contributing to children’s well-being’ for our Speak Out project funded by the National Lottery Fund. Reflecting nearly a decade later, the feeling of pride for the team and families taking part was amazing – a family came along to accept the award with us, happy times!

We’re proud of our award, we mention it in funding bids, it’s ‘voted for’ too, making it extra special. We’re sure it led to new projects and funding partnerships.

2020 has challenged all of us. At Artburst we went on a rollercoaster journey, chatting to partners to make sure we could still meet children’s needs and took our messy, fun, face-to-face creative workshops online.

A highlight was giving young Hackney residents individual online tutorials enabling them to make their own films in lockdown.

We’re very grateful to this year’s funders, Hackney Grants, Action for Bow, Peabody Community Fund & London Community Foundation for their support while we adapted our work.

We are delighted to have new funding from The National Lottery Community Fund, distributed by City Bridge Trust through the London Community Response Fund bringing the team out of furlough, helping us with technical resources and sustainability planning; and The Communication Consortium Grants Programme (funded by The Rayners Special Educational Trust) for a project with children with Speech and Language Needs.

Since September we’ve developed new creative resources for ICAN Charity’s No Pens Day; we’re ready to launch our online Cosy Creations Festival in December with the exciting addition of BSL translation; and in January our Early Years ‘Animal Safari’ workshops go online.

Here’s a link to our resources:

If you’re a teacher, working at a children’s centre or any children’s group and you’d like more information please email Jane:

We’re not entering the awards this year, we’ll play our part by voting! It’s a time to spread the love for the organisations which have kept us all going during Covid.