VCS Strategy

VCS Strategy

Hackney CVS has been working in partnership with the London Borough of Hackney to develop a new VCS Strategy to redefine the relationship between the Council and the Voluntary and Community Sector.

In 2017 we held an event to look at the challenges facing both the Voluntary and Community Sector and the Council.

You can view the discussions document here.
Read the report from the event here.

We followed that up with four focus groups to further explore what the strategy could achieve. Read more here.

These findings were then captured and shared with Hackney CVS. Subsequently they were used to develop a series of discussion papers that formed the basis of the new strategy. Internal discussions with council officers from key departments and the Council’s leadership team helped to inject the Council’s own strategic objectives in relation to the sector and identify the key issues and what success would look like. The content of these discussion papers was then tested and developed through a series of workshops with the VCS over the summer and early autumn 2018. Read more here.

The findings were then used to develop the discussion papers into key themes within the new strategy. Feedback from voluntary and community sector organisations suggests these discussions have helped the sector to take stock of the challenges they face and explore ways to address them. The engagement has also helped the Council to develop a better understanding of the sector’s resilience, their views on intervention and the strategic support it needs.

The strategy will be presented to the Council’s Cabinet in March. See draft strategy here.

As extensive engagement with the sector has already been undertaken the Council is not seeking any further input into the strategy at this stage. However the Council intends to work with HCVS to fully engage the VCS in the development of implementation plans for the strategy. The details of this will be promoted through the Hackney CVS and Hackney Council websites.

If you would like to get involved in this work please email Jackie Brett: