Supporting BAMER organisations

Our future offer

Stronger BAMER organisations

Our aim: We want to see stronger BAMER community organisations, with the capacity and funding to deliver projects and represent BAMER voices to local policy and decision makers, and whose contribution to improving health and social care is recognised. 

We would like to build on this track record and improve the support that we provide to BAMER groups in Hackney. We are working through VCS representatives to promote to the statutory sector (Council and NHS) the roles that BAMER and small organisations can play in supporting health and social care. We see these as including: 

  • Providing signposting information to Hackney residents on available support in the Voluntary Sector and Statutory Sector
  • Awareness raising about health conditions and the importance of attending health screenings when invited to
  • Running Peer Support groups that enable people to meet other people going through similar issues and to share ways of coping with – long term health conditions/ poverty/ food poverty/ housing issues
  • Social and wellbeing activities where people can meet and take part in activities
  • Pre employment / confidence raising
  • ESOL – providing English language classes for speakers of other languages
  • Supporting people to access digital forms (Patient online / Universal Credit)
  • Specialist support – own language advice/ counselling etc.

How are we proposing to do this?

Co-producing a collective BAMER forum to strengthen local influencing 

We are looking for ways to strengthen BAMER groups to come together to influence local policy and decision making affecting BAMER communities, ensuring their voices are represented to the Council, NHS Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and other bodies.

There are already several Hackney forums that serve different parts of this community, including the Hackney Refugee & Migrants Forum and the African Carribean Think Tank.

We would like to work with these groups to explore whether they could come together, either as a new forum or as a linked coalition. We would then support this new body to have a stronger collective voice, have the capacity to do more effective influencing and be able to support BAMER communities through local grant making.

Our priorities are: 

  • Gathering and sharing data on the needs of Hackney’s BAMER residents via a small grants programme for BAMER led groups to research specific areas of concern
  • Offering ‘influencing’ training to BAMER organisations which explains the existing structures in Hackney and routes of influence
  • Supporting representatives from the Forum(s) to attend strategic meetings (ie Food Poverty alliance, Integrated Commissioning System meetings) and feedback to others
  • Creating a strategic group cross sector with representatives of the Hackney Refugee & Migrant Forum; CCG; Public Health; ASC; Hackney Learning Trust; Policy Team LBH.

Specialist projects

Under this umbrella, we will support specific projects that can add value to BAMER community groups and contribute to improving service delivery and influencing. Similar to the Migrant Support Network, these projects will have a specific focus, whether that is providing support to specific sections of the BAMER community, tackling a particular issue or theme that the group has identified as a priority, or building the capacity of the BAMER network as a whole. 

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