Our Strategic Plan 2019-2022


Strong vibrant communities need equally strong vibrant organisations to support and deliver quality services to them

For over two decades we have supported the voluntary and community sector to be at the heart of providing solutions to Hackney’s problems.

As an important local organisation and umbrella body for the sector we are committed to making Hackney a fairer place because we believe everyone should have the best start in life and the best opportunities to succeed regardless of their background, race, social class, gender, sexuality or disability.

We see our role interchangeably as enabler, facilitator, champion and servant to local communities.

We have developed 4 strategic objectives we want to deliver over the next 3 years.

Strategic Objective 1
Supporting stronger, thriving voluntary and community organisations

Strategic Objective 2
Developing successful delivery partnerships

Strategic Objective 3
Strengthening the sector’s voice to effect change

Strategic Objective 4
Being a sustainable, responsible organisation driven by our values

Download the Strategic Plan 2019-2022 here.

Download the Executive Summary here.