Well Street Common Neighbourhood Wellbeing Partnership

The Well Street Common Neighbourhood Wellbeing Partnership

A powerful community voice to improve wellbeing for all in Well Street Common Neighbourhood

Local residents, voluntary and community sector organisations, GP practices, health services, and community groups have established this partnership so we can:

  • help each other to know what is going on
  • improve access local health and wellbeing activities and support for everyone
  • make services better to benefit all
  • be confident that no one is left out

How does it work?
Neighbourhood Forum: an open-access meeting to anyone living, working, providing services in Neighbourhood. Meetings are held roughly every 3 months.

Partnership Core Group: a group of people (voluntary and community sector staff, residents, community groups) coordinating and overseeing the work of the partnership, and is accountable to the Forum. This group meet every month, along with a separate but linked meeting with the Primary Care Network and as well as coordinate working groups:

  • Resident Involvement
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Mental Health

What’s on next?
Community Fun Day on Saturday 2 October

Click here for details. Find out more by emailing wscnwp@gmail.com


The vision for our partnership

1. Be a hub for local information sharing and learning, building the fullest possible overview of local resources and needs.
2. Ensure that systems for local provision are fit for purpose and are appropriately evaluated.
3. Work collaboratively across all sectors, accountable to and directed by, the priorities of local people.
4. Help inform the most effective use of resources and services for the greatest local benefit.
5. Co-ordinate and maintain reliable sources of accessible and accurate information about local services and activities (including but not limited to a website and any proposed directory)
6. Inform and empower choices for residents and those working with them.
7. Enable clear and reliable signposting and referrals.
8. Build knowledge and trust in local groups and services by creating opportunities for connection and relationships.
9. Be responsive to local issues and opportunities as these arise and explore what is or isn’t working.
10. Help lead community consultations on issues of local priority and concern.
11. Ensure that the needs of organisations that hold power and make decisions do not override what people want and need.
12. Recognise the importance of the voluntary and community sector’s informal approach to support and its strong links to the local community.
13. Be honest and transparent about decision making including funding and potential conflicts of interest, encouraging accountability at every stage.

The partnership is supported by the VCS Neighbourhoods Team at Hackney CVS.