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Create Your Future - helping to improve the confidence of BAME women

Sandra Edwards (pictured above) has learnt a lot about herself and her skillset
whilst being on the Create Your Future Programme

In July 2017, we heard from Sandra who has been a participant in the Create Your Future programme, and has attended a course delivered by one of the project partners; Hackney Marsh Partnership. Create Your Future is a pre-employment project for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) women who are not working and not studying, and is funded by The Big Lottery Fund and The European Social Fund who support projects in England that tackle poverty and promote social inclusion. 

How have you found this course so far?

This course has been interesting so far. I was going through a rough patch, so it helped me come out of the house and focus on looking for work and sorting out my personal issues. The beginning of the course was very good because it made me look for a job based on my skillset and passions, rather than just any job. It’s been a really good course to be on.

What have you learned about yourself?

So much! I’ve always been in long-term employment but low paid jobs and I seem to go back to jobs that are low paid. However this course has encouraged me to think more ambitiously than I normally would.

What are your personal aspirations?

The main thing is to actually find work that is secure, well-paid and that I'm passionate about.  I've also been interested in Art therapy but I’ve never had the confidence to go and train in it. This will help my self-development and help me progress.

Would you recommend the course to your friends?

Yes, I would definitely recommend it to any women like me. I think it’s a good course to help disadvantaged ethnic and black community women to start doing something for themselves.

> Read more about Create Your Future here.



of BAME women
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