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Hear How Hackney CVS community support helped Cordwainers Grow

Natalie Mady, Founder of Cordwainers Grow

In our annual survey 75% respondents agreed that Hackney CVS supports small charities and community groups well – part of our aim of Working for a Fairer Hackney. Below in a video interview we hear from Founder of Cordwainers Grow, Natalie Mady on how Hackney CVS has supported her small organisation.

"When Cordwainers Garden started in 2011 we joined Hackney CVS as a member and really made use of their workshops, events and activities that supported community led initiatives. Through their support we were able to set up as a Community Interest Company". - Natalie Mady

> Watch full video interview here.

About Cordwainers Grow

Cordwainers Grow is a Hackney based community interest company focusing on connecting people and place through discovery.

They specialise in projects and events which bring people and their natural environment together in a collaborative and creative way. By focusing on innovative teaching and learning Cordwainers Grow hopes to connect and inspire a network of social and environmental innovators.

To find out more information about them, visit their website:

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